Welcome to my journey

I made a promise to myself to create, read and write more starting in 2018, so here I am.

I have a lot of content ideas and so much to share from real estate goals/goal setting, my passions and motivations to travel and adventure tips for mommies out there! I’ve struggled to find my “niche” because I’m passionate about so many things but I’ve also realized a lack of representation for women like me in the blogger community.

I’m a single mom, I come from a diverse background, proud Latina, proud of my Lebanese refugee family, proud daughter of immigrants and proud of my black and brown blood and family. I’ve struggled with anxiety disorders all my life and have worked hard towards healing, succeeding and failing at different approaches. I’ve even dabbled in too many industries in search of finding purpose in my career choices. I have experience in many fields and consider myself a master of many trades but with that comes a sense of displacement because I’m never “enough” of anything. But, I’m enough of me for me, thankfully.

I can’t wait to start sharing bits and pieces of me with ya’ll.


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