The Magic of Gratitude

A word that has become so important to my growth and overall wellbeing. Jackson and I take time out for gratitude prayers every night, it's vital for us to express what we're thankful for at the end of each day. Jackson is set on his bedtime routine so on days I'm flustered and forget to … Continue reading The Magic of Gratitude


New Moon Rituals

Seeing as we have a New Moon approaching in the fiery sign of Aries, I thought I'd touch on what it means to me and what my process looks like on new moons. I typically carve out time before bed to set intentions in my moon journal and I ask myself things like "in what … Continue reading New Moon Rituals

Single Mama Drama

Single motherhood comes with its own set of dramatic challenges. I have been a single mom since pregnancy, went to every doctor appointment and sonogram appointment alone, dealt with labor on my own, my mom made it in time for my birth and had to rush out right after. I had to face so much … Continue reading Single Mama Drama

Welcome to my journey

I made a promise to myself to create, read and write more starting in 2018, so here I am. I have a lot of content ideas and so much to share from real estate goals/goal setting, my passions and motivations to travel and adventure tips for mommies out there! I've struggled to find my "niche" … Continue reading Welcome to my journey