New Moon Rituals

Seeing as we have a New Moon approaching in the fiery sign of Aries, I thought I’d touch on what it means to me and what my process looks like on new moons. I typically carve out time before bed to set intentions in my moon journal and I ask myself things like “in what areas of my life do I need clarity and support?” I like jot down what my ideal life looks like, where I am in my journey and some of the steps I need to take to get closer to where I want to be. This is a time to be completely honest and ask for guidance in making necessary changes and breaking bad habits.

I like my space to be clean before beginning my manifestations and also like to give myself some love and care (think hair-mask, face mask, scrubs, oiling). I light my favorite candles after smudging my space (I use sage and palo santo) and I get into my cozy space with my crystals to recite my mantras, questions and releases. To release the things holding me back, I write them down and burn the paper in a bowl of water while reciting. I take some time to meditate and calm my mind.

My moon rituals help keep me grounded and grateful. They help me create a clear vision of my path and goals. They also make me to dig deep within myself and remember to step into my truth and to live my life with purpose. Asking the universe to provide clarity and support just serves as a reminder to me that although the universe is always on my side, I have work to do.

Comment below if you have any of your own moon rituals.


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