The Magic of Gratitude

A word that has become so important to my growth and overall wellbeing. Jackson and I take time out for gratitude prayers every night, it’s vital for us to express what we’re thankful for at the end of each day.

Jackson is set on his bedtime routine so on days I’m flustered and forget to give thanks, he reminds me, it’s become my favorite daily bonding moment. I do my best to stop throughout the day, especially during hard moments to be thankful for the challenges of every day that are here to teach me a lesson and also to accept that things could always be worse and I’m blessed. I think oftentimes we find ourselves wondering “why me” or “when will these problems pass” but we don’t spend enough time thinking about the positive and the blessings all around us.

I used to bask in my disappointment and let myself be dragged down by the worlds problems, I absorbed so much negative energy and everything weighed me down. Until I started to be thankful even for my biggest problems and challenges. I find the beauty in everything big and small even in the toughest of moments. Some nights Jackson spends a really long time naming every family member he knows and every friend and every favorite activity, he also prays for good health and love for everyone. More often than not I end the night in tears because my heart is so full listening to the him express his gratitude and love.

There’s a little magic in expressing gratitude, I encourage everyone to always remember that you’re blessed, things can always be worse and there’s always a way to push through. I know sometimes it is so hard to see the light but find something to be grateful for!

– Con Amor


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